Jeremy Smith
East Sussex

Bio: I’m currently organising a programme of talks and workshops on a part-time freelance basis for Emerson College in Forest Row, East Sussex in the UK. I’ve worked in various branches of education since 1986, in both employed and self-employed roles. Before that, I was the arts and entertainments officer for one of the London boroughs and before that I trained as an actor at the Mountview Theatre School. I’ve had an interest in the work of Rudolf Steiner for many years and have spent several years as the education facilitator in a Steiner school. I’ve also been the trustee of another Steiner school, have worked as a member of the executive group of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship and have been a lay inspector for Ofsted inspections of Steiner schools. Biodynamic agriculture, another of Steiner’s initiatives, is a huge interest of mine and I’m a shareholder of the Tablehurst & Plaw Hatch Farms Co-op in Forest Row, East Sussex. I’m also a non-executive director of Tablehurst Farm and have a part-time role as development manager for the farm.

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15 responses to “About

  1. Great blog. I was interested in the Chinese yam as I’m growing it biodynamically in Devon. Velwellorchard.org


    • Hello Jeremy (another biodynamic Jeremy!)
      Thanks for your comment and I was pleased to hear that you are growing the Chinese yam in Devon. Ralf Roessner came to Emerson college (where I work) at the end of April to give a talk about the light root and while he was with us, he also brought some samples of the root, together with lots of bulbils for us to plant. There’s a short film showing these being planted (including voice over by yours truly) on the Emerson website:


      All the best,

      Jeremy (the anthropopper)


  2. Pam

    Hi Jeremy – thanks for your confirmation email. Is it OK to link your blogs in an Anthroposophical Facebook Group sometimes?


  3. Hello Pam,
    Yes, of course – thank you for asking!
    Best wishes,


  4. Hello, I have just discovered your interesting blog after buying Ralf Roessner’s book ‘The Light Root’. I am interested in growing the light root and wonder where I may obtain some. I recently bought a large yam to eat but don’t know if it is the correct variety. All Dr. Steiner’s writings are of huge interest to me as I am living a Spiritually moved life. How wonderful to find others of like mind! I haven’t yet had time to read through all the posts and interactions on your blog but I will be reading. Thanks and very pleased.
    Good wishes, Sara.


  5. What a lovely surprise to stumble upon your thoughtful and far-flung musings, Jeremy.


  6. Dear Mr. Smith,

    I recently noticed your recommendation to another user on the discussion about “Britain and the European Union – should we stay or should we go?” to take a look at my paper regarding Brexit. Thank you very much indeed for doing so and I am very glad that you found my paper interesting.

    Very best wishes,

    Ben Clements


  7. Hello Jeremy, I want to make contact to introduce myself and also introduce my new Steiner-inspired book: Postformal Education: A Philosophy for Complex Futures. I am sure you will love it based on your own interests. To get a flavour of my writing and philosophy, please check out my blog Postformal Futures. https://jennifergidley.wordpress.com
    Cheers, Jennifer


  8. petef2016

    Brilliant work, thank you very much Jeremy & everyone.


  9. David

    Hello, can you expand on why you would “say no more” about Sorath?


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